Saturday, September 24, 2011

Looking for Lite Sprites?

Okay, so I have twin 6 year old daughters who have been begging me for this new toy called Lite Sprites. From the commercials and the youtube videos, they do look like they are going to be one of the HOT items on many little girls Christmas wish lists.
So, now I've made it my mission to find Lite Sprite blog giveaways on the net. So I will list all of the Lite Sprite giveaways that I have found and entered so far, this will also help you to not have to do an individual, time consuming search; however, remember its not all about the win. There are some really great blogs out there who have more to offer than just giveaways; so if your like me and sometimes in a mad dash to find a great giveaway, don't forget to take a moment and look around these blogs, and read thier other insightful reviews, and posts.

Lite Sprite Giveaways:

1) Five Dollar Shake
Started 9/11 Ends 9/25-Closed
Chance to win 1 Lite Wand and Prisma Sprite set (currently only 166 entries,  very winnable if you do all entries)

2) My Four Monkeys
Started 9/15 Ending 9/26 Closed
THREE lucky readers will win a Lie Sprite Prize Pack that includes a Lite Wand and Prisma Sprite set, one extra assorted Sprite, a Lite Pets set, and an assorted playset!  All entries must be received by 11:59 PM EST on September 26th.

3) Quick Tattletales
Started 9/19 Ending 9/26 Closed

4)  A Family Full of Opinions
Starts 9/19 Ending 9/27 Closed

5) Bonggamom Finds
Starts 9/20 Ending 9/30
 One lucky Bonggamom Finds reader will win a Lite Sprite fairy!
*Currently less than 70 comments as of 9/25, so you have great odds. Very easy entry as well.

6)Family Focus
Starts 9/19 Ending 10/6
One lucky reader will receive one Lite Wand and Prisma Sprite and one Assorted Sprite from the new Lite Sprites empowering toy line. ($44.98 value)

7)  The Not-So-Blogs Experimental Mommy
started 9/18 ending 10/7
Explore Lite-opia with the Lite Sprites {Giveaway} #ShineOn
One winner will receive one Lite Wand with Prisma, assorted additonal Sprite Sisters, Sprite Pets as well as assorted playsets!!

****Lite Sprite website****

More coming very soon. Enjoy your day

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